Prolyte for trade fair organisers

The prolyte and truss concept offers more visibility in the air, better stand lighting and the ability to work with drapes or customised banners.

Your trade fair in the spotlight

With prolyte, you make sure especially larger stands catch the eye. For this reason, prolyte is also known as truss lighting bridges. If you would like your stand to be well lit, but without the trusses being too obvious, the prolyte lighting bridge can be hoisted, this way the lighting bridges seam to float.

On top of all this, prolyte is perfect when combined with standard modular octanorm stands or our more popular matrix system for a uniform overall result or a creative tailored trade fair concept.

Versatile all-rounder

Excellent lighting of the stands at your trade fair using a light bridge construction, whether or not hoisted, ensures that your message and products are highlighted.

These truss constructions also offer the possibility to stretch or attach drapes and molton, printed banners, velum cloths and/or printed panels. In this way, the height of your stand space is used to its full potential for maximum visibility in the exhibition hall.


Discover our 4 stand systems

For both larger and smaller in-house fairs, the modular system is the perfect option, as uniformity and budget are often essential.

This type of stand, is perfect for umbrella organisations or trade fair concepts that strive for uniformity, while offering maximum customisation.

The prolyte concept offers more visibility in the air, better stand lighting and the ability to work with molton drapes or customised banners.

We are always happy to help design and equip your stands and your overall trade fair concept. All our trade fair and stand systems can be combined, according to your wishes.

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