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Apart from individual stands, we also offer all-inclusive set-up concepts for trade fairs. Our company has both the capacity and equipment needed to turn a completely empty exhibition hall into a convivial meeting place for your exhibitors and visitors.

Discover our 4 stand systems

For both larger and smaller in-house fairs, the modular system is the perfect option, as uniformity and budget are often essential.

This type of stand, is perfect for umbrella organisations or trade fair concepts that strive for uniformity, while offering maximum customisation.

The prolyte concept offers more visibility in the air, better stand lighting and the ability to work with molton drapes or customised banners.

We are always happy to help design and equip your stands and your overall trade fair concept. All our trade fair and stand systems can be combined, according to your wishes.

Technical support

We offer technical support, such as electricity and water supply, and install trusses, before, during and after your trade fair. We will also take care of trade fair furniture and are on hand to answer all your questions. With more than 25 years’ experience in the world of trade fairs, we are sure we have the perfect answer to all your queries.

Comprehensive organisation

You want to go the extra mile? If you would like to host extra workshops, info sessions, etc. at your next trade fair or are thinking about evening or congress-type events, we will take care of the whole organisation down to whichever level you require. We also think about extra services, such as fair hostesses, to make sure your visitors and exhibitors are welcomed in a professional way. Our goal will be to relieve you of as many fair organiser jobs as possible, while giving you all the say you want when it comes to design, branding and your fair concept playbook.

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