Modular stand construction

Budget-friendly & flexible. With a wide range of colours and shapes this standard concept reflects the character of your firm.

Our modular system is the budget-friendly solution par excellence for your stand.
This flexible concept enables us to further fit out a standard stand with striking elements such as: consoles, displays, printed photo & logo boards or lighting effects all available in a wide range of colours. This type of stand can be adapted to both small and large surface areas.

At GM we know all there is to know about optimal lighting.
Our truss constructions form the basis of an effective lighting of the stand, be it a combination of white or coloured light, general lighting of detail spots.

Take a look at our other solutions:


Our new profile-free system combines the character of a timber construction stand with the flexibility of the modular stand construction structure.

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Customised timber construction

Our carpenters take your stand to a higher level in order to perfectly reflect your corporate identity!

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Furniture & accessories

In addition to the construction of the stand, adapted furniture & accessories.

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