New profile-free modular system with striking visuals.

Our new profile-free, modular system means we can use a large image to generate the necessary visibility for your stand. This concept combines the character of a timber construction stand with the flexibility of the modular stand construction structure. Along with our graphic department, which plays a crucial role here, we ensure the look & feel of your stand is just right!

A stunning lighting of the stand by means of a light bridge construction, whether or not hoisted, ensures that your message and products are further accentuated.

These truss constructions also enable you to stretch or attach banners, canvas screens or printed signs. So the height of your stand space is exploited to a maximum in accordance with your visibility in the hall.

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Modular stand construction

With a wide range of colours and shapes this standard concept interprets the character of your firm.

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Customised timber construction

Our carpenters take your stand to a higher level in order to perfectly reflect your corporate identity!

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Furniture & accessories

In addition to the construction of the stand, adapted furniture & accessories.

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